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Clicky Cube the same time, damn snow days proud, that God blood actually clicky cube so powerful, the original snow blue snow day proud of one chip, and now the two Are His Holiness high end. Call Shenandoan took a deep breath, her order from the Venerable to the high order spent three years, and this is her to eat a lot of panacea have such an effect, but the snow proud of it What is he Snow fruit it Go and see The elders of the snow is the only family of a high end emperor, and he is also higher than other people s sensitivity, he vaguely feel this level is not quite aura Reebok, Signs will not be obvious, but they are a few emperor who is able to feel level, especially the big elders, this time the main order of the small increase is unusual. Shenandoah heard that the big elders say, although she did not understand the elders of the great princes of the snow rose proud to have any good high level care, but still went along with fidget cube shop the three elders, of course, she will not forget to Shazhao Dai , At this time she could not see people. Yes, her face can not see people, like a frost like Qiao Lian, this time it is red marks staggered, about five very long scar, her face was like a broken re spell the plate general. Originally drawn out of the scar is not large, but because of a baking in the fire cluster, coupled with a good medicine to return to the city a moment cure, so that more and more serious injury Shenlan face.ounds where, in this piece of fire to escape the fire python that is wishful thinking When the heart and the East snow and proud to find the sound of the time to see a quintana red python lazy disk where a pair of snake eyes seem to laugh with the taste, looking at the East Ningxue and snow days proud. Humanity Fire days python. Snow day proud standing under the snake head, not the slightest fear of looking at the snake, the sound is the same disdain. The slightest is that you will be ice day python snake tail cut off it Fire Python slowly stretch your body, that action looks very slow but it will soon be that up to dozens M body started, a prepared look. Yes No hesitation to answer the same time, the snow also proud of the proud days of the fire python python weaknesses where the fire python skills just right can restrain the snow proud, which makes the snow proud of some loss, although Snow days proud of the skills can also restrain the fire python, but the snow days proud of the strength of the python and the fire compared to the day or a lot worse, the snow days proud of the miracle unless otherwise issued on the fire spell python spells and skills clicky cube Will lose See you pack up the ice python s sake, and now leave my site, I can not so good bully ice python. A pair of snake eyes flashing flames of light, snake letter child seems to have a hot breath, and this When the hearts of.

tly shook his head. Small toxic woman, worthy of the name. Little poisonous woman Ha ha ha, this title is really good, small drug, you Weihehehe ah. Never mind can never miss the opportunity to clear the joke cloud, especially this I, I If the usual cloud cleared from the top back. Can look up to see a son of the Soviet Union is also smiling at her, cloud clear from the whole face instantly flushed up, the usual Lingyiliji look suddenly become quite rigid, half day no counterattack back. She is not ashamed of, but to see the son of the Soviet Union saw the silly smile And no bound to see the cloud clear from this way just shook his head, well girl feelings ah, you are doomed to injury, so long this cloud clear how not to understand it Son of the Soviet Union is not her love of the And get used to the cloud and the infinite bickering of the East Ning Xin, see cloud clear for the endless ridicule actually did not hit, some strange look to the cloud cleared, and this one, has always been slow to the East Ning heart to understand, But when the cloud cleared from the son of the Soviet Union How she did not know The East Ning Xiaoxing laughed cloud cleared from the son of the Soviet Union, the handsome man of the United States into a perfect match, but the sub Su his heart think of the East Ning Son looked at the son of the Soviet Union, there is a sense of powerlessness.oah mean, Sherland face injury is less the main and the fidget cube a cube shaped toy filled with things East Ning heart. If things really like the three elders and Shenandoah said, then even the less the Lord have to be punished by the snow family, the snow does not allow ethnic tribesmen committed suicide. Uh Snow should be proud of the light a cry, but did not get up to the intention, but the whole person once again into the iceberg snow into practice. Back to the snow family has been seven days, and had to say that the snow is the most suitable for his practice of local, except the last rose to the Venerable clicky cube high, he seems to have to upgrade, and such a speed called terror, to know the seven elders Has been over sixty, only the beginning of the emperor who Bale, and he soon is a Two elders waited outside for a long time, did not wait until the snow proud of the day, he knew the snow proud proud of bad temper, but now the situation is special. Three elders and Shenandoah back on the big deal less like the Lord, said the less the main partner with outsiders robbed the snow fruit and red fruit, Shenandanglan and three elders to block, it is hard to scratch the face of Shenandoah. In order to recover the clicky cube snow fruit and red fruit, regardless of their own safety, the results delayed treatment, so that a face is now completely destroyed, they are asking the elders clicky cube will give a reply. The truth of what is now no one knows, but the clicky cube Shenandoahan f.of Su and infinite is clicky cube actually leisurely back, the East Ning heart so stand in front of these People, then I saw the heart of the East holding a hand in front of a small box gently press kill, do not stay, I will do, and vice president Bang Twenty seven pear needles in Dan city without any preparedness lasing out of storm rain pear needle amazing, the other side and there is no preparedness, when the East Ning heart of twenty rainstorm pear needle shot to come, I saw this blood suddenly splashed in the night, that rain is not a needle pear needle, but the person behind the front hit people Rain pear needles such a hidden weapon in a very effective when alone, at the same time in this kind of unprepared group attack under the same effect, gently click on the red in front of the 20 people all fell to the ground , And the twenty people behind there are a lot of people suffer. Despicable, you actually use the hidden weapon. Vice president of teeth bite, which is what weapons, killing people actually so amazing, too horrible. In front of the corpse and Xueguang seems to affect less than the East Ning Xin, will be used after the rain pear needle, when the pear needles bloody repression so that some of the so called Master Dan Dagang not move, the East Ning Ning ice said I mean, I m going to kill you clicky cube right now Sub Su, no boundaries, opponents it, remember the vice president of the words.

Clicky Cube man told the snow days proud if one day he broke the emperor who do not, then he will see the snow days proud once, and today the snow to proud. Snow proud of the sound fall, a gray haired old man I do clicky cube not know where volley out of the whole person seems to blend with this snow soul mountain. If not the old man out, that is, the snow can not be proud of his presence. You still open the blood, breaking the emperor class. The old man clicky cube was shocked to teach that snow days proud to seal infuriating people, this time he looked at the snow proud proud of his face pity. Pity Yes, this is the first time someone with a pity to look at snow days proud, in the eyes of the world, snow days are always proud of a powerful, high above, even in this master cloud Zhongzhou, fidget cube kickstarter buy snow, snow days proud But also strong, can be in the eyes of the old man, the snow is proud of just a child. Snow proud looked at the old man, his eyes without a trace of regret I want to protect everything you want to protect, only to become strong, in this world, a high end Venerable no use. You set foot on this road, no longer can not head back, you understand The old man s tone is trembling, trembling calendar harm, watching the snow proud of it is so sorry ah. Snow proud nodded his head, but he still do not regret it. On the day of the opening, I decided, I do not regret it. Even knowing that the fate of the last death is also no fear You are not afraid.ast Ningxin also know each other backing is not small, three young people who seem to have a blood with fishy and brutal taste. And clicky cube in the East looked at the other three VIP rooms, she, son Su and infinite three also became the object of others looked. Because of their clicky cube faces can be sitting in the VIP room, because they are surrounded by the first person with the black market Luo care. The rest of the three VIP rooms are very clear that the East Ningxin this line may be the biggest variable in today s auction, to know who can enter here are not simple. And we looked at each other looked at each other, the East Ning Xin they want to shoot the five immortality finally came out To the reader s words Days proud I want to come out there is no ticket mountain bricks welcome the sea, hum the public we use the votes and BRIC killed you days proud I am the Son of God, with you 331 laugh at the end is the winner Master of the auction will be identified five clicky cube cloud home by the five products continued Qidan, starting price of 8 billion. Black auction auctioneer almost no feelings of talking. What Five drug immortality starting price of 8 billion, this is how the master, not afraid of streaming it Five immortality 8 billion, crazy Do not understand the inside of the tricky people cried in the bottom of the poor, and understand the inside of this powerful person s face is a change, th.