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Fidget Cube A Cube Shaped Toy revenge Fengjia, and she quite do not like the wind autumn painting, to see the autumn wind that she remembered that Yulin Lin, the wind fidget cube a cube shaped toy and that the wind is not the wind, Autumn painted the same arrogant woman self righteous. Yunqing Yi Yi Dong Ning, a heart, then turned to look to the East Ning Xin, originally Yunqing Yi, the East Ningxin only cloud clear of friends, but because the cloud cleared the phrase my sister , cloud Qing Yi quite a bit embarrassed, gentle face with a touch of embarrassment or what is not a blush, cleared his throat before saying Oriental girl, it is not sorry, give you a fidget cube a cube shaped toy sister gave you trouble, the Eastern girl thank you to send homes to come, we should re Xie Yun home, but Here, Yun Qing Yi is actually there are several Sub embarrassed, and cloud home, only four walls, he really nothing to thank people, and not only can not thank people but also Oriental girl, the wind has always been high handed act of Missy, if there is no other thing in the Dan City, then sent by the Qing Yi to a few out of the city Cloud home will remember the big girl grace of the East. These words, Yunqing Yi said extremely embarrassed, he did not want to get rid of fidget cube a cube shaped toy her sister s savior, but get into trouble that the wind home, the East Ningxin line fidget cube a cube shaped toy for the sake of security. The proposal for Yunqing Yi, the father of the cloud, mica and cloud Father is nodded his head, the cloud Father dire.nonsense Three Presbyterian pretended to do kind of scolded, distressed with the face of the two Shenlan Shenlan red palm, but they are not less master the main, but the main family of the snow treasure. Since the less the main can not be something, then the little main guarding the woman to die, fidget cube a cube shaped toy so that they can give the main one to the next moway, let him understand the identity of the less holding the little master on their own strong two Hui also A confession Three elders and Shenandoah wishful thinking to play well, Shenandoah even suffer a snow day proud of two slap, but they still underestimated the snow days proud, and now the snow may proud of the elders of the three elders on the odds, but snow Lan absolutely not qualified When fidget cube a cube shaped toy the Snow proud proud of Selangor s action, did not look back, but to speed up the speed of the East came in front of the heart, in the East before the heart shot to the five ice edge to cut in the hands, and then My people are not you can bully snow days proud of the voice has a mandatory repression of killing Italy, playing the two slapping Xue Lan is to warn her, do not have the ill intent of fidget cube a cube shaped toy the East Ningxia, I did not realize she not only do not understand But rather toward the East under the heart of the killer if not fear the three elders, then this time the Shenandoah is a body, but now it is not much better

day of the autumn wind painting it So how can you casually say You do not know what the wind autumn plot to move after the mind, then the Oriental girl is very dangerous. Now the cloud home is not then cloud home, if the wind home full of the East girl shot, we do not have the ability to protect the Oriental girl, you will kill her know In fact, cloud home people are very straightforward, very sincere, so that if you want fidget cube target to say should also be to, the East Ning heart a few people are not talking about, but Yunqing Yi is not care, direct point out. And this cloud home also let the East Ning heart firm willing to help their hearts, fidget cube a cube shaped toy refining pharmacists to use herbs This is only for her little effort, but she can not completely do not work, after all, cloud home people simply will not accept her white with careless help, for the cloud that is similar to the help of Shi will be insulting. Yun Qing Yi has always been a good temper, that is, when she destroyed the cloud home, Yun Qing Yi did not say a heavy words, not only so hand has been comforting her. In the cloud, the real power housekeeper is Yunqing Yi, and their parents and grandfather do not fidget cube a cube shaped toy like these. Ning Ning looked at the situation in the East, Yunqing Yi seems to gas is not light, but she did not have time to see Yunqing Yi punishment cloud cleared, they only three days, the moment interrupted this situation. Nothing to do is not to worry about her.endless boundless, and this dead child, too skin itch too And such a joke, the East Ning Xin and his party under the leadership of the cloud cleared, came to Dan City Cloud home, but to see this situation all the direct sluggish, standing there step not move. Cloud cleared away, this is your home Boundless fidget cube a cube shaped toy pointed to the front of this dilapidated house, can not believe the question to the cloud cleared. Before they do not know what is the cloud home, or how much power, but in the four city they know the information to know, Dan city clouds, smoke, fog, wind four refining family, and cloud home ranking First Yeah, but this Dan City ranked first family is like this A look at least fifty six years old Zhaizi, the side of the high and low walls, dilapidated. The door and the pillar of paint has long been off, and the corner seems to have vaguely spider web, these are nothing, the most important is the weeds. Yes, this big door actually still covered with weeds, this is too horrible even if the old live, broken not so. Heard endless bound to ask, cloud clear still is chuckle, smile but conceal the sorrow, but strong and optimistic, said This is my home Yeah, the above is not to write Yunfu it Cloud clear from that refers to the old Zhaizi above it almost can not see the cloud House word. The East Ning Xin and son of the Soviet Union is also a phase, which along the way they see this Dan City is really ver., then the East Ningxin did not answer, but half truths of the fraud So you wear a body armor can be defense lily, snow family really rich ah, this treasure can be found Oriental Ning fidget cube canada heart, but speculation, but said a long time I knew the way, and Shenandoah She is really far worse than the play scheming far away, and heard the east, then she was just a cold face, said Well, since you know it would be captured it, you are not my opponent It s ridiculous, do you think you hurt me Oriental Ningxin get the other affirmative answer, the eyes of the purple again from the look to the Shenlan Shenlan hope to see the Shenlan Shenlan where the flaws, she would not believe what Of armor to Shenlan all guarding. And this purple also let the three elders understand that the East Ning heart that piece of treasure in the heart of the East Ning heart, he must be the heart of the East Ning heart dug out Oriental Ning heart did not think at this time the three elders have been thinking about digging her eyes, when the East Ningxin purple eyes glanced in the body of Shenandoah, the East Ning depressed Shenando not wearing armor, but a body wrapped up clothes, the specific Oriental Ning heart can not see but demon pupil gave her a Shenandoan body without breaking the news, that is, Said that the war does not necessarily defeat the East Ning but it is not the slightest chance of winning, her adv.

Fidget Cube A Cube Shaped Toy learned that, once I killed the person is a steward of jade city, and in his where I accidentally saw a lot of jade shops situation, those shops are on the surface of the individual is secretly jade city , And those shops steward or the master of the surface seems to be the jade city of fidget cube a cube shaped toy people, if not the jade city is the diehard people of the city Ghost is no boundaries, it is quiet, he does not think there is anything Yeah, Jun Fu secretly there are a lot of business, and indeed that the world s largest killer organization is Junfu, but this thing he did not tell the East Ning Heart, after all, this is a family secret. To know each family s expenses are quite large, each family must try to make money, or how rich to maintain the scenery and find the elixir of what to help their own children to become ah. Money, what is not just that gold card inside a number, but rather useful Oriental Ning heart is rich and she fidget cube dimensions did not masters, so do not fidget cube a cube shaped toy know how big a family of expenses of terror, and many large family in order to maintain their own scenery and to ensure their strength will strive to open source, the surface of them Will not get involved in business or something, but this is what the mainland a lot of shops are secretly dominated by the big family. This is why we doom to earn the House of the House two cities three of the Quartet ranking, as long as the row of the opportunity to make mone.Soviet Union s eyes so sticky in the East Ningxin body, a long time can not be recovered When to let this woman have his heart And infinitely it is quite sympathetic look to Yunqing Yi, he understands Evian Qingyi similar to the gentleman of the characters, hear the words that heart of shame and remorse immediately flew, and then any slaughter Yeah. Indeed, the East Ning Yun, then Yunqing Yi is very disturbing, he had thought that the other several to find the East Ning heart trouble, at most, is to send their own homes and the like, he is to determine the son of the Soviet Union is the Venerable High , And infinite seems to have Venerable in the order of the way. There is a son of Su and the infinite two people exist, as long as refining pharmacists union that three metamorphosis of the emperor did not appear there will be no problem. And this dirty thing, any vice president or did not dare tell the old man of the three emperors, he is determined to deal with the East rather a pedestrian, only to say it, but did not expect that the wind they will be so home Ruthless, actually killer Ning Xin girl, I do not know Cloud home seems to be good nature, Yun Qing Yi Although Yin Ning Ning thought about what fidget cube a cube shaped toy Yin Dong, but the peace of mind to hear the East at once dangerous uneasiness of the apology, at the same time thinking about what they can help. Now that what is the use.