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Fidget Cube Adults est defense is the attack, he was in a weak position, Of the defense, he will only be more embarrassed, but also as the other party wants to see a joke heart, proud of the proud snow days do not allow him in front of their natural enemies weak Even if I am not the son of God, you want to kill me, is not easy. Ha ha ha, snow people really have no reason arrogant. Fire soldiers laughed again insolent, and they are a clean and snow day proud of an awkward also indeed formed a sharp contrast. This time, the snow proud no answer, because he can not waste energy and effort in this meaningless things above, even if his real strength is the Venerable high, but on the six who he did not have the chance to win Five tactics demon pupil on the six emperor master, this possibility is too small, but see the snow days proud of the way, the East Ning Heart had a Bo. This is the six flame warrior is too much, they are deliberately want to play her and the snow proud of two people, which can be more than a sword to kill them too, this is an insult and as long as they live, Insult her and snow days proud will not forget, this shame they must use each other s blood to repay. Oriental Ning heart stood looking at that corner of the six flame warrior Red, I remember the East Ning heart, blood stigma to use blood to clean Tactics heard the East Ning Xin, then silence for a long time before Although I.o the proud. And this situation so that the emperor who was extremely proud of the beginning of the master in the emperor in front of the Venerable what are the ants, a pinch on the broken Ever since the master of the emperor who repeatedly mad out of infuriating the issue of infuriating, he wanted to shape their own infuriating tough to the East Ning Shen and snow days proud seconds to kill, where to know this time the snow did not go proud to pick him repeatedly Infuriating attack from, but a dodge to hide the East alone to face the heart of the Emperor who infuriating Contempt When the snow proud to make this dodge action, the emperor who is the beginning of the eyes flashed a deep contempt, he despised the face of death when the partners will leave, and struggling to live their own people, although the case Think, but the master of the emperor who did not mean soft, high handed genuine infuriating towards the East Ning heart to hit Vamp, although you are dead in my hands, but really kill you is that you are the man, do not blame me after death to blame their own eyes without pearls, fancy such a man without a stand Emperor who was the first step in the lead, sneer, a pair of eyes to the East Ningxin, actually a bit compassionate taste To the reader s words The public color, too long did not add more, and you add more A Choi Well, today s sta.

the two were born extraordinary, but I do not know they will be so extraordinary, this fidget cube adults two one Look at is the dragon and phoenix, which two people came to the drug city really is an accident He will not lead a wolf The idea of blink of an eye fleeting, Ouyang master understand that fidget cube adults he and the snow days proud and Oriental Ning heart is already a person on board, even the wolf, he fidget cube adults can only recognize, great wolf himself into a good, the thought of here Ouyang master on the loose a great deal of breath, he is only interested in some of the drug city, so Ouyang classic generous up, came to the snow proud of the body fidget cube adults with the East Ning heart next to the very very respectful fidget cube adults explanation Zhongwei, now I introduce the identity of the two for the people, they are not only relatives of my Ouyang, at the same time or my savior, before I have in the cold drug must know that the hearts of all, that is almost mortal , But because they came in time and let me retrieve a life can be said that fidget cube adults they do not have me now. Ouyang master said while watching the crowd, he wants all the expression of all income in the eyes, so that Which points can be obtained which several, which several will be removed, and which several can draw or take the opportunity to remove Ouyang master s words are not many, but his every word is knocked into the hearts of these people, the presence of any one of the Tate is experiencing the storms o.t, even if she had just consumed excessive energy demon pupil No, I do not I absolutely do fidget cube adults not surrender. Ice day spirit of the snake is not weak, and not as weak as the Euro RSC it will not choose to surrender So, then go to death. Oriental Ningxin body atmosphere seems to seal her ice even more than that cold, and such a moment that shrouded in the ice on the purple more light up, Ice Python The body can not help the body straight and then high above the snake head slowly down, and now it does not need to look at this purple will be affected fidget cube adults Surrender and death can not help you choose, and now surrender it. This sentence is the East Ning heart to say it directly, and accompanied by the voice of the ice is the ice of the East Ning Ning cracking sound, piece by piece Instantly split in the ground Ice day python with their own can not control, and how to control the heart of the East was the Ningxia ice, the East Ning proud from the pile of ice came out, his eyes did not look to the ice but see the ice python Ground broken ice, and purple light in contact with the ice when the moment to reflect the body of the ice python From this moment on, I am your master Oriental Ning proudly under the command. No Ice day python is still struggling with the pride of the mysterious beast so that it can not easily surrender. You can not say no, now listen not figure out who I am Come to kill me, so very unwise, this world is not afraid of you are Dan City, afraid of you refining pharmacists union. You in the end is what people Faint black leader some uneasy, and this time vice president will get into trouble. Oriental Ningxin ignore the other side of the problem, she did not feel for these people to answer the meaningless question. The hands of the fidget cube adults lily without warning again in front of those who dare not approached the black people shot to go. I said, I was the East Ning Sou Several Road, silver pierced the night sky, standing behind the black people who want to fidget cube adults dodge, but found his feet as sticky in general, how can not move, only Laze looking at the Lily eye toward his eyebrow shot To, to death is too late to call out You, the devil Looking at the moment into the film fidget cube adults down the crowd, the head of the black face quite ugly, look at this woman does not blink, his eyes produced only panic, where there is war ah. The black people behind with those who are more afraid to move forward, and war Italy Even the people of the clothes are not met, even the infuriating are too late to issue a dead piece, which makes them how to fight. Devil, yes, for them in front of the East is the devil incarnation of the heart Ningxia, moonlight white clothing under the clothes do not stick dust, but extremely bloodthirsty Kill you is the devi.

Fidget Cube Adults an eye thing, but for both sides, this one is like a thousand years, and finally in the East Ningying and ghosting infinite feel dying, Yu Ling who spoke Kill you, kill you, what can I take of the man behind the scenes Yuling who put away the heavy rain pear needles, looked at the East Ningying and ghosting boundless rather die than say a look will fidget cube adults no longer ask, he did not have time to deal with this little man interrupted their legs lost Into the jail, I d like to see how hard their bones. He turned around and left, in his eyes, but the two men is a small role, he is willing to personally design to capture them is their honor, and now he has to do is to find out the two behind the master who, Is someone found Yu Cheng s plan The thought of this may Yu Ling who feel sweating behind him, if his plan was found so in trouble How do you find us Yu Ling fang heard the East and the infinite heart is to breathe a sigh of relief to their legs easily broken as long as they die fidget cube relieves anxiety there is a chance. Yu Ling who did not look back, only the background of the East against the heart and without boundless way I am jade home Dust not stained, you dirty Ning heart and the ghost of the East boundless puzzling look at each other, they left any traces of it They never dreamed that when they fall from the beam when the accidentally let a drop of small perspiration is the sweat, I wrote the first tears, cha.eir own can not use the demon pupil at this time, she can only move in the side of the paternity machine, watching the ice python and snow days Ao Vietnam war more, fidget cube prime But they did not dare to leave the inner alchemy for a long time, the East rather understand that the ice did not dare to lay down that python inner alchemy. They are only one hour, and now has been four fifths, they do not have more time, the East Ning Ning decided to let go of a bite, otherwise they are this ice fidget cube adults day python wrapped here, it will certainly reveal their whereabouts , And once exposed his whereabouts is the enemy with the entire drug city, this price is too great Go to hell the heart of the East into the ice seven days of the python into the eyes of the python to shoot, a strong murderous ice python had to remove his head, and so remove the Snow Sword proud of the sword Then directly stabbed in the ice snake skin python, the Oriental Heart of the lily is also piercing the snake s jaw, can be so two injuries for this ice day python is like itching in general, although the blood flow, such as columns, but the ice The sky python just a little more delay in the anger of the snow toward the Pride rush, the East Ning Xin by this opportunity to jump In the snow proud of the ice wrapped around the ice python, the East Ningxia ice standing on fidget cube price at walmart the python s head, the ice python found quickly after throw off, but the Ea.