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Fidget Cube Blue time to see this Ouyang Ling, snow and not proud before Frost is so, because the snow has been determined to have a proud heart Ning heart, only him As Ning said that the injury is not very serious, but too fidget cube blue much trouble over the area, four or five doctors at the same time the action women have spent half an hour, but for the East Ning clean up and dress up the wound, and dressing After a good surface and do not see any injury Ning heart When the Oriental Ning heart of the wound dressing when the East Ning heart only thought she had a very important thing to forget to do fidget cube walmart Ouyang to Ling, today before the fidget cube order sunset medicine city of all the treatment of traumatic immortality all income Ouyang House Shenandoah s face is destroyed, since she and the Shenandoah fidget cube blue have long been knotted down, then she does not mind to do things a little hard, so that Shenlan and then some ugly. Ouyang Ling Ling to hear the words, then a little unnatural face, half did not answer, the East puzzled again asked how According to Ouyang government now, to do is not difficult. Ning Xin girl, days Ao Court has done what you said. Ouyang Ling Ling smile, the East Ningxintian and snow days proud of the ideas are so understanding between it Ning began to clean the wound to the East, the snow days proud to ask him to treat the city drug trauma, wound healing scars of immortality and herbs regardless of the price of all rece.of seriousness did not hold a few minutes to break the power. No boundaries still want to laugh, but not ah, had to steal the music on the heart, this world actually has such a coincidence thing ah. Take it yet Oriental Ning heart for this, do not care. While sympathetic to those who buy the killer, too poor, who is not good to please Yeah, actually invited to the boundless. This billion price so how can I pick it This Dan city people are too occlusive news, or you installed too successful, they put your fidget cube blue life to be worthless of it, actually only The value of ten billion, really No fidget cube blue End shook his head and looked at the East is a fidget cube blue fidget cube blue Ning Ning is really a cheap look, this way can really be popular death. There is no limit to this word has two meanings, one is the mastermind of Dan city two billion this price he was not satisfied, he opened the price. Indeed, one billion to kill me too little, and less should be three to five billion of it. Oriental half hearted half hearted laughter knows no bounds to cheat each other how much money. Oriental Ningxin, you too understand me, but the other really want to kill you, I say six billion so you die in the city, the other very straightforward to pay. Yang hands of the card, told the East Ning heart, he sold the East Ningxin, for a lot of money. Not the slightest kind, the East took over the boundless heart of the card, knows no shortage of fidget cube blue money she is now, so

utions against the Tang Luo and wary and quickly asked How are you Ning Ning, the son of the Soviet Union to hear the words of the Soviet Union, it seems to stay for a while, she felt there is something in the mind was forced to squeeze out, it is important I feel I have lost something very important, but I can not remember. Ning Ning murmured remembered, and want to ask for tips. Did you know what I lost Moyu tactics This time after a long silence, only said one do not know. Very short sentence, but it makes some disappointing taste, the East Ning Xin helpless sigh, and her move has become the focus of all, knows no fidget cube blue way a little bit about this situation, not that storm pear needles it Well, how is this Tang Luo see this situation, to understand the East Ning also thought that this large scale hidden Tangmen hidden behind that there are major events found, but unfortunately we now do not know. I do not know is to believe or what, Tang Luo Ning heart for the East are quite friendly. He felt the rain pear needle large scale secret Oriental Ning heart must be aware of what, because he is Tang family responsibility, he can not let anyone again using the Tang weapons weapons wantonly, that killer Tang Jiazu first destroyed At first, he never let history repeat What is your name Tang Luo moment changed the subject, and asked the name of the East Ning Ning, these people have things Tang, and they not dare to personally grab the money to hire those who specifically robbed, and this is the East Ning heart and his party why so many small role in the reason, after all, third order mysterious beast is quite attractive. It looks like it is not easy to come to Central Plains. Looking at the front of another wave, endless count this is the tenth group of people today, fidget cube black and green and why they did not encounter when entering the black market TANG Luo is also very impatient, and he dignified emperor master, today it is solid as a thugs. Not for that mysterious beast alchemy, we come here to do Deceive your sinking anger Tang Lin. Endless once again play his brain s nature, all the way though the trouble can not be his shot but the opportunity to harm him out The murderous finally disappeared without a trace, people have returned to normal. Well infinite, then a say, Tang Luo the whole person face quite ugly up, looks extremely irritable, and the irritable he could not vent in the East Ning heart of the three who can only vent in that Stopped them on the road Xiao Xiao body. Luo, I do not know who is to protect them, we are now left. The road people look at Tang Luo, flew to apologize ready to leave, there are also robbery, Tang Luo fidget cube blue bad provoke the black market is well known. Should the usual, encounter such a smart person, Tang Luo will let them go forget, but now not work, because the infinite, then he is a.ill be hands on, because the ice day python will be thinking that the last off end to take the enemy s hatred. As long as the East Ning guess, when the ice in the darkness of the python to determine where only the East Ning heart of one person, no other ambush, the arrogance of the climb out from the dark, this When the sky is still transparent, the East Ningxin clearly see the ice in the eyes of hate and murder in the eyes of the python, watching the East Ning Xinyuan began to spit Snake letter son Heaven is the way you do not go, hell no way you partial, the last to win my inner alchemy off my tail I do not look for you, you actually dare to find me, you think you are my opponent But the pair of snake eyes is not how to look to the East Ning heart of the Department, the East Ning Xin demon pupil really make it fear, The feeling that can not control their own really make snake Xinchan. You can try. Long needle already in hand, this time the East Ning heart already ready, the tail it Ning heart of the ice in the ice when the ice came over to see, and its tail does not grow out of the snake does not matter, she does not mind cut down a length of cut down that snake blood should be enough. Ignorant woman, the dignity of my ice day python is not what people can challenge. Ice Python talking, a cold breath toward the east Ningxin spray, its purpose is self evident, that is, the East Ning ice in t.

Fidget Cube Blue red with the Oriental home in the relationship between the Oriental family business is really too much difference, the saying goes thin camel than the horse, jade city is now that camel and jade city is not to the point of thin So, we went to see where the purple Ling I want to see what the other party to do Knowing that this piece of hot jungle more dangerous than yesterday, the snow proud of the East and Ning heart is not flinch , Then the people behind the scenes do not want them to get purple Ling, then they must get, this world is not snow days proud to want and can not get things To the reader s words Am I really a stepmother No bar, no bar Ah Choi has been the mother of the right. 280 I want to eat, I have to spit it out Purple Ling that kind of thing, is said to be a fire red flower like grass, and in order to quickly and efficiently search Purple Link, Ouyang home to give them a dedicated to find Lingzhu Lingzhu. It is said that this Lingzhu drug city only Ouyang home, Murong family and the medicine will be one, so precious things Ouyang Ling readily with the gift, which is enough to illustrate the sincerity of Ouyang fidget cube blue home or to illustrate the heart of Ouyang Ling However, the East Ning Xin and snow days proud and not too concerned about this kind of thing for them is not significant, but there is no victory But even if the configuration is is used to keep the snow fruit and red fruit integration of. Snow fruit and red fruit is too extreme, although the two creatures are phase with each other grams, but in the integration of the moment or there will be some damage, and purple Ling can not be removed from this injury, but can reduce some, So it did not put the purple diamond to chew, but there is no this purple diamond nothing, great pain some of it fills, and the pain Fire days fidget cube blue python micro closed eyes, snake eyes that raging fidget cube blue hatred to cover, today s flesh to take Purple Link revenge it will be reported, until it will snow fruit and red fruit integration, then it has the opportunity to impact Animal, become the only one animal on the fidget cube blue continent, and it the first thing is to the front of the men and women to eat a little bit of Then Snow did not move the proud, the sword will be thrown in the hands of the East Ning Xin, snow days proud to believe that the East will not know why he is not rivals Ning heart, because once he hands will let the fire python understand, He and the East Ning heart simply did not show so powerful. Oriental Ning heart really did not say anything, take the snow naturally proud to throw the sword, a leap to the fire on the back of the python snake, fire python not even struggling, well behaved general as the kitten Oriental Ning heart in its back that slippery walking, and today i.