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Fidget Cube On The News ance said, as if I do not know their reputation in this Dan City in general, this is almost forced to look at the guard. Uh, uh That guard fidget cube on the news weak weak again back, until the retreat to the wall, it looks like it is regret to say these words in general, but fidget cube video this is the city of Dan s rules Yeah, he In this dilemma, the side of a small head like figure to see this situation immediately stepped forward, smiled and said to the cloud clear cloud three Miss, your friends how may not refining pharmacists, please, please, Please That looks quite dogleg, but it is showing in the eyes Grandpa, beg you to go, I untouchable you can not afford to hide you. So I would like to thank the. Yunqing from the other side is not to see the eyes of the general disgust, looked up proudly away. And they just out of ten meters to the way, I heard the little leader in the lesson that had just stopped the cloud cleared the guard I said your mind was ass kicked or janitor to see silly Yeah, cloud small poisonous woman you dare to provoke, you suspect life long Not afraid of being poisoned ah. I, I just That small guards considerable aggrieved, a block he also regretted, but if he does not stop will be when the dereliction of duty. This is not a small voice, and the heart of the East which is not a line which is weak, of course, all income ear, and the East is just a smile Wan Ning Seoul, the son of Su is also gen.Murong father fidget cube on the news and son began to pressure the shame. Xuantao looked at the play s father and son, two contemptuous smile What do we mean Murong son should ask yourself, what do you mean that moment just for me dare mosquito This moment is really ridiculed, and ridiculed extremely Murong son put a weak weak sample, accused the snow days proud and the East Ning Xin, he would like to take the drug city of public indignation to cause good people to do the same thing, Kill the two men, he felt that these two in the Ouyang home will be their strong enemy Murong home. The injured, the Murong son dare to take out their wounds to the crowd to see it Oriental Ning heart came up very calm and said, cool noble comes with a pair of extravagance, and this one question is to Murong son Suddenly worried that this night there is no action and speech of the woman does not seem simple, just a lily that he can see out of this woman striker, the woman is actually a stunt division You, you did not see me seriously injured Yuehua Jian, the more and more white Murong son s face up, it really is hypocrisy. Are you seriously injured You hurt is that we shot When we shot it Oriental Ning ridicule said. You obviously shot a long needle, you said you did not you did not shot Here are seen. Murong son said teeth. Is that the wound Oriental Ning heart these words obviously have a fraud, but this time the Murong son.

he drug will be. The place where we stand is the nearest layer from the ice fire, but as far as I can speculate, we should still be far away from the ice fire, because the atmosphere is not deep here, but further I can not probe. Here Ouyang master a bit discouraged, and this will control the ice is too strict, if not medicine will be more than enough, and in order to maintain the balance of this drug city, they estimate that even the seven are not Will be released. The place where they stood was a plain, and there seemed to be no road in front of them, but the people believed that this place must have a way to go, because the ice fire in here, but the medicine will be too deep to Tibet. We go to look at the nearby. Oriental Ningxue and snow days proud to fidget cube on the news look to the Ouyang master, that fidget cube on the news means very clear that the two men fidget cube on the news they do not bring, a disease recovery, a weaker and weaker, with only trouble. Well, we have only one hour, an hour later, there will be someone to visit, see the growth of herbs East Ning Xin and snow days proud nodded his head, then move toward the left side of the position, then no road in front of it from the side to go, they do not believe that the ice fire this medicine will be able to hide the people can not find A good fast speed Ouyang Ling looked blink of an eye to disappear in front of him in the East Ningxue and snow days proud, can not believe rubbed his.thing, and her side proud of the snow. Son softly to comfort the Soviet Union, when it comes to the snow proud days, the tone is a meal, but have snow days proud To accompany the heart in the East side, he will feel fidget cube on the news at ease some, that man should be rather his own death fidget cube on the news will not let Ning heart injured Dongfang Yu listen is also nodded his head, that is called snow days proud of the man, although he knows much, but his eyes can be seen, the snow will not be proud to be proud of the heart by a trace of grievances, not to mention him Ning heart is not a soft persimmon, so the heart of the East under the heart of Daan, a moderate look fidget cube on the news at the son of the Soviet Union, the son of the Soviet Union is also quite appreciate him a young man, so the Oriental jade good mood fidget cube canada to stay son Su small live Oriental jade originally thought son Su will politely declined, but do not want the son of the Soviet Union agreed fidget cube on the news to a down, and this allows the Oriental jade but rather puzzled, for the sake of elders, Oriental jade asked Son Su, you are the home of the public house, outside for so long, the government will not If the son of the Soviet Union to leave it is the best, after all, Oriental jade physical inconvenience, there are many things he can not do the best, Oriental House of people But the interests of the Bale, a son in the Soviet Union, then a lot of things will be very smooth Son Su light shook h.ity and responsibility to tell the cloud clear, Busy Cloud clear especially unwilling, but to see the East Ning heart of her mouth, outstanding to the brother is not the slightest interest, slightly disappointed deflated flat mouth. Cloud clear from the absolute is not an easy to give up the person, her stubborn and the East can definitely be rather than some of the heart, or when she would not be locked in that dungeon refused to yield. Cloud clear from the surface is no longer the name of selling their own brother, secretly still thinking about how to make their own outstanding people to the God of anger brother, and this beautiful, tough to envy the East Ningxin know, so the way more clouds Clear away from such a pistachio, that boring road seems to have become interesting up Quartet City Ning Ning looked at the East that huge gate, I remembered the first time into the city was molested look, then the East is the Quartet in the city is the weakest one, and now This square city should be the Oriental House dominance. Is really three years east, three years Hexi Ning heart girl Oriental Ningxin station far, can still have sharp eyed people to see the East Ning Xin, quickly screamed, the four city people understand that the East is not like others call her Oriental girl, so most people here only See Ning Xin girl Ning Xin girl, Ning Xin girl is back. Is the Oriental home o.

Fidget Cube On The News East Ningxin come in, everyone is quietly watching that scene, a purple extremely noble man a purple purple Qinggui incomparable woman, a man and a woman side by side , That breath that feeling, all of them look at this A pair of golden couple, always good to listen to the vocabulary of the two people who want to be placed, but this time everyone is a word can not tell, because the snow is proud of his eyes glanced swept the audience, And the glance to the presence of people instantly quiet down, the atmosphere of strange static a pair of eyes together to see the snow proud fidget cube on the news fidget cube on the news days, this world actually has such a good person, a pair of eyes look together to the East Ning Lord, this world actually have such a proud woman, who they are 267 Elegant bastard Ouyang master, the two are Murong long son looked at a long time in the past, everyone is still immersed in the snow proud of the proud and Oriental Ningxun look, and finally patience, and in the drug city he is the younger generation Leader, he is definitely the first person in the future of the drug city, but today he felt the pressure, in front of a man and woman in purple makes him feel his status has been challenged, he may tomorrow, the city has nothing to do with him. Ouyang master a look at the snow and proud of the East Ning Xin such a simple dress can be piercing the temperament is also a startled, he knew that.s, do not let me say a second time Snow proud proud of the cold finish these words, the U turn left the snow family of three people punish the elders, just to let him find this opportunity. Half a month, then half the time just fine, so City of medicine by the end of the matter, rather the heart around the danger will not be so much. Yes, little master two elders and snow days no longer fidget cube on the news proud of dispute, because the three elders and Shenandoah things, they really are wrong. Now, you go back to the first Snow proud day under the command. Yes, little master blink of an eye, two silver figure disappeared in the snow proud of the front, the woods and restore the quiet, and wait a bit, the snow is proud of the same way back proud, and then Back to the East when the location of the Ning heart looked at one, and then disappeared into the night East Ning Xin, this time I did not leave The trouble is big Snow proud proud to go to the front of that one, standing behind the tree, the heart of the East did not find how it does not, she still did not hide snow days proud, but does not matter, snow days proud to know Ye Hao, so they are the hearts of each other Understand the best. The night before the two one back to the Ouyang House, this one night is doomed to people can not fall asleep, the East Ning heart back fidget cube on the news to the fidget cube relieves anxiety room after such a standing in front o.