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Fidget Cube Original and what things do not forget to pull the snow proud of the East and Ning proudly, one we stand in unity Front of the way. Snatched to grab back Snow proud proud of the cold, since he would dare to take away the springboard into the ice spring, then he would not have polite with others. Ah fidget cube original Ouyang father and a son stunned course, but then I thought I really should like so Oriental Ning Xiao, this is her understanding of the snow proud, was robbed of the back To the reader s words I am even more early in the morning, the site did not come out, I Kusi the 266 Who are they What is the prosperity of the drug city In addition to Ouyang home for most of them, although the owner of the house before the house because of injury and was significantly more or Ouyang down, the family will be able to enter the family, Out of the seven family of the column, but as the saying goes, three decades Hexi three decades Hexi, who can know what will happen the next second Ouyang home the day before the melancholy, drug city people are all in the traditional master Ouyang no more time, but that seven words that the division and six drug refining pharmacists say this world, these two people can not save people, Then he is ready to report to the Hades. Listen to this news to the drug city can be said to be happy up and down the exception, the big family ready to make an effort to pre.forgive me, Ling only anxious to see Ning Xin girl, I would like to fidget cube original ask what girl Ning heart Ouyang Ling to a good attitude to cloud home from top to bottom are satisfied, but his problem Ouyang looked at his face with a look of hope, I do not know how to tell the old cloud fidget cube original home, the East fidget cube original Ningxin just left, and they are waiting for the peace of mind in the east of this peace message. Oh sigh a sigh of relief, Yunqing Yat went up to the front of the Ouyang said Ouyang son, Ning Xin girl just left, we are waiting for her news, according to reason at this time she should be a pedestrian outside the city just , You did not come across From the east of the heart out of the House is now only a half an hour, is half an hour to break through the eastern Ningxin layers of ambush it Outside the city, you say Ning Xin girl has out of the city, but I did not encounter them into the city Miss it So the moment missed it Ouyang Ling can not believe how to say. Yunqing Yi nodded and continued tonight refining pharmacists union, wind home, cloud home, smoke home together, the intention of the girl rather negative Ning, Ning heart of the girl broke into the city, it is reasonable not so quickly off the body before Yes Yunqing Yi half is not the solution is to inform the city of Ouyang fidget cube original Ling Ling Dan situation. Dan city of force protection Yunqing Yi is aware of the East Ning heart and his party in the city so.

snow Ning Ning, while the snow is proud of arrogant interest, and that things can To reconcile his body s cold infuriating, so that he would not be ruthless, and to display a thousand miles from the last after the ice, he faintly worried about some of the Quietly took a breath, Ouyang master understand that they moved the two men, the rest is the heart to pay, so once again known to his own out. I spent the first floor of the ice fire for 30 years, I spent countless efforts to study that ice fire, until a few years ago I discovered that there is snow and red fruit on the secret, but medicine will be in charge of Too strict, I have been unable to in depth view, so this drug will be the first, I am eager to get, and then a thirty years, I will be able to enter the core of Bing Huiquan. Ouyang classic lofty Lingyun, his eyes have a strong ambition and unwilling, he sent so little The East Ning Xin and snow days proud fidget cube original of a change of eyes, so it is true that they want to Bo on a Bo, even if there is no snow fruit and red fruit it does not matter, they want to see how hot this spring is useful, if Well, they do not mind collecting them for their own use. Ouyang master said, that is indeed going to see some ice fire springs, I do not know fidget cube original when Ouyang master free time, take us to see how Dong Ning Xin voice with a little cold in the threat, has refused to refuse the taste of. Said no matter h.ed fruit into the arms, only Kankan fight to issue a flame, fire grams of ice the premise is the fire is big enough ice is small enough, but it is not, red Flame flame encounter the elders of the two icicles, I saw a little smaller that some icicles, the speed slowed down, but the flame is off the flame First order gap is still not small after all, this is only the first wave of the contest, Chiyan small defeat embarrassing dodge up, and this time nest in the tree of the East Ningxintian and snow days proud to prepare paternity machine Moving, can know where there is one person faster than they once again grabbed the snow and proud of the initiative and Ning heart Two, this snow fruit and red fruit I kept the city for nearly a thousand years, so you do not ask themselves Tsing Yi dancing in the red flame and the elders of the Vietnam War, the two are more entangled in the mid Suddenly a long burst of strength to attack over, the Chi Yan and two elders points, and this person is actually Zi Zi Chi Yan and the elders at the same time stopped the two to see who has always been, the fidget cube original old man they all know, the old drug undead drug city, is the most powerful clicky cube drug city there, most people dare Easy on, because the drug is the emperor who high. The most important thing is not his emperor who high end strength, but because the medicine is the real possession.e various stores that leisurely shop small No boundaries to hear the words of the East, then looked at the four around the situation, and then silently shook his head I have never been to the jade city during the day, so I do not know Night City and other places almost, But that protection is more stringent, almost ten steps guard one. The answer to the East Ningxin obvious dissatisfaction but did not say anything, after all, she can expect a killer every day during the day mixed with it And even if the ghosts infinite daylight swagger across the city he will not be the situation in the eyes of jade city, the East Ningxin know can only rely on their own, so once again asked no bound And what about the people and civilians on the site of the monarchy Is not Yu Cheng is in addition to Royal Star Court outside the fidget cube original richest place in order to do so, other places are not so rich.Yucheng jewelry, jade all over the fidget cube original world, is the fidget cube sale Tianyao and the calendar also has jade shops. Ya never care about these, he closed some of the situation is the object of being killed. Yu Cheng s shops all over the world Yes Tianyao and the calendar also has, why not seen it fidget cube original I only know that the Royal Star House over the continent of any one place. What is the heart from the East Ning Ning In the flash, the East can not catch Ning heart, but the East can be sure Ningcheng Yu Cheng strange I also accidentally.

Fidget Cube Original eeth, it is good hate hate, it has never been so fooled, it has never been so embarrassed, but the culprit is to escape, the thought of it more and more of it Pain, and its urgent need to vent about the hearts of the pain Snake Eyes swept away to see it into a piece into a piece of herbs, fire snake eyes snake eyes flashing a vicious. Herbs is not it Humans, I will let you understand the price of offending fire python fire python twisting the body, the evil toward the seven story herb where the walk in the herbs crazy twisting the body, the tail of the snake kept Flapping Drug city proud of herbs, so easily destroyed To the reader s words Today is more early, the general color is the morning of the more Although only three more today, but there is a four thousand words of the chapter 282 half a month after I will return to the snow family Ning Xin girl When the East Ningxue and snow days proud of Ouyang House, Ouyang Ling looked embarrassed snow proud jumped quickly approached, concerned about the East looked at the heart, Yingying eyes with how can not cover up Of the worry, and depressed deep depression is love But unfortunately some of the East Ning did not see, this time her eyes only snow days proud Nothing Oriental Ning Yang Ouyang refused to extend out of the hand, leaning alone snow days proud, there is no reason there is no reason, but.g the blood of the blood was significantly more convex out, in order to determine whether this blood is human , Fire days python slender snake letter son swept away the fire, and then saw its eyes more red, because the fire python is sure this is just out of the human fresh blood, and just snow only proud of the East and the East Ning heart from here, fidget cube original this shows that Python gas fire will be the tail of the tail fiercely, the dozens of trees behind the moment swept to the ground Mother, it was cheated, it really was cheated That men and fidget cube that improves anxiety women do not have the strength of it shot, they have been pulling the skin in this scare it, and it is not only stupid fooled, but also hands on to cut it off the tail, the fire python this look really fidget cube original Is angry, it never had such a gas, if it is true to lose in their hands Fortunately, it can be chosen to be cheated so miserable, can not be reconciled, it really can not be reconciled Humans are too cunning, and their cunning to fire python to see their own stupid, this was so fooled feeling really upset. Fire python suddenly snake head high erected sky shouted, a snake face quickly twisted up, that look outside the grim and violent Li At the same time, regardless of the injury behind speed up the speed toward the snow days proud and Oriental Ning heart to leave the direction of recovery, which a pair of bastards, it absolutely does not let t.