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Fidget Cube Red and ice storm speed and attack again slowed down Some, but the offensive did not stop bad Snow days proud and the East Ning heart at the same time Anjiao cry, this time the attack issued by Shenandoah not just infuriating, demon pupil can only infuriating immune to physical attacks without such physical immunity. The so called physical attack is similar to the direct friction of the sword, contact attack, snow and ice this snow storm is infuriating and physical attacks combined, demon pupil stopped this snow storm infuriating but can not this little Storm stopped Snow proud to want to fidget cube kickstarter shopping hand but it is fighting back, if he shot to the East rather than the chance to survive rather speed up her death. Snow proud will not forget the three elders on the side of the eye, this a snow fidget cube red storm has no infuriating, the East Ning heart was hit at most will not only life threatening injury, but once he hands to help the East Ning heart Then the three elders will soon be shot in one fell swoop will Ning heart kill in one fell swoop, after all, because the snow storm has been the weakness of the East Ningxin exposed to the Ning Ning heart you give me shore, you just said your man others can not encroach on, then prove to me now, I do not need how strong you, I just need you to live well, because my A woman is not what people can hurt now I do not hand to help you do not want you to die today, I.tossed sleeves, every time to cloud home She was angry, but she is unable to control their own pace fidget cube many colors available and eyes, knowing that will humiliate still come. Autumn painted the words of the East to the heart of a pedestrian was very angry, so arrogant forced to marry really So fidget cube red that the East rather remember the eldest of jade home, the difference is Yunqing Yi has a support his family, and her father did not, so this lady out of the wind so a word, the East Ning Xin stood out, cloud Qing called her a sister, then the clouds will be her home by the East Ningxia asylum To the reader s words Three elders and Shenandoah s identity, written in front of the pro Sun, I am sorry to write behind the time to write a father and daughter, and now all changed to father and daughter, so the older 315 This is my sister I have only seen forced to marry, but never seen strong married, three days A small wind home so frantic, three days you want to destroy the cloud home With you with it Oriental Ning station In front of the cloud cleared to protect themselves. This is the East Ning Xin, when she put people into their wings, then she will do all this effort, but this time the cloud is clear that she is willing to protect the object, she is willing to cloud house early. You are what people Stand here to speak Feng Qiu painted look at the eyes of the East Ning Ning flashing women know jealousy, a pair of eyes to.

then a pair of eyes Ouyang seems to be able to see through the depths of Ling that tiny hope. Ouyang Ling hear the snow proud day, then, for fear of his contact with the East Ningxin this disconnect, quickly shook his head days proud of your misunderstanding, you rest assured that the drug city Ouyang oath for power seizure of such Ouyang opera to Ling no stranger to the former Ouyang home just do not fight the need, and now he will strive to fight. That being the case, all this to you, these days we have to take a good rest, until the drug will be fidget cube red the day we go to Bingquan. Snow days proud no longer ignore Ouyang Ling, Ouyang things they Will no longer participate in the name of the surface. Yes Ice Spring things, Ouyang Ling automatically ignored out, that place is the East Ning Ouyang fidget cube red government cooperation with the conditions. Ouyang to Ling left, the East Ningxue look to the snow proud When to go to Bingquan She did not believe snow days proud of Ouyang Ling said, no matter what their relationship with Ouyang Ling, Ouyang Ling is fidget cube red the drug city of this can not be changed, and as long as the people will understand the city of Medicine Fountain Of the importance, then the Ouyang Ling to be possible to stop them to Bing Huo chuen. Ouyang House took out the purple Ling display that day. Snow proud of the East did not conceal the Ningxin, he certainly will not wait until the drug will.f the body burn out of the best medicine, these words really do not leave When the East with the snake blood will be proud of the snake s body when the snow wiping over, I saw the snow proud of the body s burns to the naked eye can see the speed of healing, but an hour snow day proud of the skin has been intact as ever This is really amazing They are essentially the same, the ice python and the snow family practice the infuriating is very similar, will have such an effect. Tactical voice, as always, the snow does not want him proud of the snow days proud of those words Ning heart into the ears, he is not the same, he did not want to doubt once again Ning heart of his loyalty, Ning heart of his trust has been low to no longer low, and he did not dare to gamble fidget cube red again Hear the tactics of the East, then the hand of a lag Ning Ning, tactics, then there is something, right Snow days proud of the essence of ice with the ice is the same Refers to them as cold blooded Oriental Ning heart shook his head, this strange may be thrown into the back of the head, and then use the water for the snow days proud to wipe the blood left over from the body, this time in addition to the snow did not wake up proud, the other is no problem When will he wake up. East Ning Ning finally looked at the snow stretch proud brow, the number of his pulse to determine nothing, only relieved. You can do is so much, and.this all in the eyes, lips tightly bite, she is not strong enough, every time fidget cube red she is dangerous snow snow proud of desperate to save her, and this One time Snow proud proud of the danger she could only watch, looking at the proud man at this time find any, knowing each other is a joke he can only bite insisted Ning heart, brisk walking Six red fire red snow toward the Pride, the snow proud of Ao struggling to block, though not let the fire light to his body lit up, but it is back again and again, chest instantly charred one , Chi Chi s meat was roasted voice came again, the snow could not care of the body proud of the pain, embarrassed back against the front of the heart behind the Ning Road. go Proud of the snow can not see the rear, the East Ning heart shook his head, she will not go even if it is dead. Snow proudly in the magic flame Valley did not leave her, she certainly will not leave the snow proud Feet like a root, the East is the first full of hate heart looked at the front of the six arrogant flame warrior, with strong bullying to bully less, this is the law of the world s survival, and fidget cube red her Definitely not easy to throw in the towel, life and death is not the final conclusion will not Snow days proud, the East Ning heart will never throw you, this time please believe me, I can save us, if you can not save so as you day in fidget cube red the magic flame Valley said to me This.

Fidget Cube Red edle to threaten him, to be calm down, this time he did not fear the other hand the rainstorm Pear needles, because there is respect to make. You can try. Oriental Ning heart the same look of confidence, but look at the eyes fidget cube red of Yu Ling who said this from time to time to see that black people, there is a bit of anxiety, that person is very strange, he Although standing behind Yuling Fan, Yu Ling who see his eyes is full of respectful. Yu Ling who is confident that he can win the three today, but not willing to waste this rain pear needle. Put down the rain pear needle, leaving you a whole corpse. Little Santo, you cute, you come out the first day mixed with you, how can come to hand things spit it out. Endless look at the posture know today can not be good, for man s demeanor, he slowly came out, block In the East Ning Yu and clear away from the front of the cloud, at the same time to a Yu Ling You are an idiot s eyes. And see the infinite came forward, the East Ningxin put a little put away a little preparedness, distraction and tactics exchange. You know who the man in black is But a half day later, the tactic is a fidget cube red word did not say, the East Ningxin feel wrong, but also called a few can still is not the slightest effect, which the next Ning Ning faint somewhat uneasy, for fear of tactics, for the front That fidget cube on kickstarter black people s fear. The hands of the rain pear fidget cube red needle quietly changed the direction of fidget cube red the high to see him, he was somewhat embarrassed that when it was a beautiful misunderstanding, because The retired Miss Qiu is the vice president of the daughter of medicine, in front of the six drug refining pharmacists and seven pin division are afraid of her identity, and the East Ning Xin and snow days proud that it did not see that Miss Miss In the eyes, Ouyang Ling to think they two behind the power to be more Where to know, this two is purely a rookie, I do not know what medicine will vice president, not to mention that arrogance of the mighty Miss Autumn Of course, Ouyang Ling is quite like this beautiful misunderstanding, because this misunderstanding changed his life, to save the brink of Ouyang House Oriental Ning Xin and snow days proud to Ouyang master room, saw the indoor temperature of the people immediately sweat, Rao is the East Ningxue and snow days proud is irrepressible body sweat, blood and sweat moments Mixed together, uncomfortable tight, can be such a high temperature, that Ouyang master who is actually a thin layer of ice, I am afraid this is not cold but ice it Ning Ning s face quite a bit dignified, this seems not poison, but infuriating, and if she remember correctly, this and that thousands of miles of ice seems, but a lot worse than thousands of miles of ice Oriental Ningxin look to the snow proud, found the snow proud face also se.