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Fidget Cube Shop kill, because the eyes of Miss Qiu Ning heart of pernicious. Vice President of the autumn quickly got up and told the crime to see the snow proud days, and now this time the situation is unknown, but also the performance of the other too strong, even if it is too strong, The vice president of the drug will not dare to offend the two men, after all, although they only know that the inside of the East Ningxin identity, but fidget cube shop an East Ning heart they can not afford to offend, which is close to the god of the needle behind her Is the medicine will have to think twice Well Snow did not look proud to see a vice president of autumn, it is calm waving, that momentum extremely high handed and arrogant, but this time no one does not think they can see even the East Ning heart to listen to the words of the man, then the background of the man that is more of the The next banquet, it is all by the Ouyang master in the greeting of the crowd, the East Ning Xin and snow days proud of two people to achieve their purpose is no longer words, the drug city into their own hands, this is the first step To the reader s words Dear sisters, all must be in a good mood Yeah, color this afternoon to go home Although the tired play, but very happy hug, like you My heart is out of control Ao Ao, Ning heart girl, you decide to act tonight Ouyang master looked just replaced that silk clothes pr. Of course, this is not the most important reason, the main reason is that the three elders here he can not be shot, once he shot three elders will also be shot Snow snow soul soul Xue Lan Jiaohe, the whole person as the snowy days of the ice in general, was layers of ice and snow enveloped in the air, that looks good or not beautiful, but the East Ningxinkan understand Shenandoah Perhaps infuriating strong, but her attack is really more beautiful than practical, too many shelves Snow family attack she is seen to see snow days proud of without any tricks, when it really offensive from the air will come out to see the two elders, and infuriating luck that icicle on the DPRK Enemy attack, do not give the enemy any breathing time, can this happens Selangor it Fancy in the air in the ice and snow enveloped in their own around, but has not yet attacked, although this gorgeous and beautiful, but a master, then this section of the pose enough time to kill each other her Not to mention a master, that is, like the horror of that general infinite killer, this time enough to kill this Shenlan dozens of times, is her heart beat the East Selangor Shenlan, there is enough time to escape the shadowless Without a trace, and today it is really good luck Shenandoah, she disdain Ning favor And this time three elders look to the snow proud, Shenandoah is the words of the three.

uch as the original Lee desert far, for example, now the autumn lady But in the East Ningxin such a lack of God, things actually turned out to be the main, not into Miss Qiu to divorce, but Ouyang Ling to Miss this marriage with the autumn, the East Ning looked at the rage that Ning is still moderate under the juvenile, Smiled, the original is so their own bar. There is a person, their pride is more important than life she is, the snow is proud, in front of this is called Ouyang Ling to the juvenile is Miss Qiu surname high spirited, and then a look of depressive to go, but just a column of incense time, can be fidget cube shop the East Ning Xin and snow days proud again finished a cup of tea, cups light touch so that sitting Theme is tired young master instantly woke up, look to the snow days proud and Oriental Ning Xin, a look of surprise, so graceful person he did not see, quickly got up apology Let the two laughed, to Ling rude. East Ning Xin and snow days proud to see fidget cube shop so do not get up, dilapidated clothes do not conceal the noble atmosphere, just as they are not intended to convergence of breath, how will people ignore this point. Ouyang son politely, and we are coming from the grass for the virtual spirit. Ning Ning directed at the purpose of the East. This is Ouyang Ling to the son of Shen gas, hear the East, then it is a smile The two can cure my father s poison Governance is not good, I city of things, but also asked me what If there is no respect to make here is really afraid to let the three to escape, to know the jade city can not afford to lose nine storm pear needle, the most important thing is that these three know too much, this person Absolutely can not let them fidget cube shop live out. With you dare to do it Oriental Ning heart unintentionally will be in the hands of the rain pear needles to play with, and very arrogant one hand, of course, she did not forget to lose one to the infinite and cloud clear, Of things, not white do not have to use jade city thing to kill jade city, very good idea. Ning Ning heart of the East once again stimulated fidget cube shop to the Yuling Fan, rainstorm pear needles that he used to threaten things, but now Actually all been robbed, but also was threatened with it He did not understand how the three men in front of the get, and that the organs of the rain pear needle is made by the statue, as long as a step into the stone chamber, it is equivalent to press the rain pear needle switch, which twenty seven Pear needle will be issued to all, so that people have to go back. But they just go to see Shi Shimo no one into the traces fidget cube shop of that rainstorm pear needle is like a long wings in general, take the initiative to fly in front of the hands of the three. You think there is a rain pear needle to go Yu Ling Although the gas, but to see the East Ning heart with rainstorm pear ne.East Ning Xin, Arrogant Yang Tou, this world is nothing she wants and not Selangor snow fruit red fruit is her, the snow is also proud. Ning Ning looked at the arrogant arrogant mighty Shenandoah, irony of the light pulling the mouth Yes I want to see what is supporting your arrogance and ignorance Purple light suddenly sent from the eyes of the East Ning Xin, mysterious and noble Purple directly to the Shenlang blue ice attack on the soul. At this point the heart of the East Ningxin also shot three lily, toward the heart of Shenandoah, abdomen, legs shot to the three positions, she did not think to kill Selangor, kill snow day proud of the Snow family will be very troublesome, but She can waste this woman Waste is not it She let the East today, let Shenlan Selangor look at the capacity of waste However, the strange things happened, Shenlan Shenlan attack in front of the heart suddenly disappeared, which is in the East fidget cube shop Ningxue and snow days proud to be expected, after all, but demon pupil now five products, and on this respect In the order of Shenandoah that is no problem, but the East Ningxin also missed, and her lily in the shooting Shenandoah, I suddenly heard the bang bang bang, the three rings, the East Ning heart of the On the Shenlan Selangor s attack also failed, the lily dropped to the ground and the Shenandoah still good standing in mid air. This is how the s.

Fidget Cube Shop g fidget cube shop heart care about the lives of people Oriental Ning Xin will snow days proud to help the room, again for his pulse after the discovery of snow days proud only infuriating disorder, will guide them to calm down like, and the East Ningxin took out the remaining lilies, little by little For the snow days proud of the body s infuriating lead in place, and after all this is dark, and she is exhausted. Send two maidservants take good care of him Oriental Ningxue out of the snow day proud of the room, met the customer intended to wait here in the Ouyang Ling, the East Ning Xin did not have time to say hello directly to their own now She did not empty or energy to express their value to the Ouyang Ling. Ouyang Ling quickly nodded, and trot at the same pace with the heart behind the East Ning Xin girl, you I think you look like also need a good rest, I have let the servant ready for you water, you go bathing How do I come to eat I let the fidget cube shop kitchen boil the nourishing porridge. Ouyang to Ling, he has always been a considerate person, but this body is only used in the person he thinks worthy, such as Oriental Ning heart. Ning Ning heart did not refuse to hear, she is really tired and hungry, so fidget cube shop the East Ning Ning nodded and accepted the arrangement of Ouyang Ling, these trivial things to take care fidget cube shop of the best, but the best When the East Ning Xin once again to restore a refreshing has bee.eir own can not use the demon pupil at this time, she can only move in the side of the paternity machine, watching the ice python and snow days Ao Vietnam war more, But they did not dare to leave the inner alchemy for a long time, the East rather understand that the ice did not dare to lay down that python inner alchemy. They are only one hour, and now has been four fifths, they do not have more time, the East Ning Ning decided to let go of a bite, otherwise they are this ice day python wrapped here, it will certainly reveal their whereabouts , And once exposed his whereabouts is the enemy with the entire drug city, this price is too great Go to hell the heart of the East into the ice seven days of the python into the eyes of the python to shoot, fidget cube review a strong murderous ice python had to remove his head, and so remove fidget cube target the Snow Sword proud of the sword Then directly fidget cube shop stabbed in the ice snake skin python, the Oriental Heart of the lily is also piercing the snake s jaw, can be so two injuries for this ice day python is like itching in general, although the fidget cube shop blood flow, such as columns, but the ice The sky python just a little more delay in the anger of the snow toward the Pride rush, the East Ning Xin by this opportunity to jump fidget cube where to purchase In the snow proud of the ice wrapped around the ice python, the East Ningxia ice standing on the python s head, the ice python found quickly after throw off, but the Ea.