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Fidget Cube Shopping all, but compared to the entire Dan City, the cloud is still not enough share of the family, since some hard calculations, then the Dan Cheng not swallowed, how she willing it. Oriental Ning heart, you are an ambition. Boundless originally touched by the extreme, can be heard at the back of the East Ning, then he depressed, and this is how the East Ningxin not let people worry it. This is, and refining drugs on the trade unions on the Yeah, my God, there are three rumors of the first Emperor of refining pharmacists union ah. Ning heart snappily fidget cube shopping ignorant of the East without boundaries, automatically ignore his words, turn to Yunqing Yi said Cloud son, you should understand that for the cloud home and Dan City, I have never had the intention to encroach on, I want nothing more than immortality fills, you cloud the immortality of the family or Dan Cheng is to take the immortality Go out to sell, rather than to the refining pharmacists union, it is better to us, we mutually beneficial, all the necessary ingredients in the future cloud house by the big family of all inclusive.Transition income, cloud home three percent, the other Qi Cheng How about home As the East Ningxin said, what is this calculation, if fidget cube shopping you want to say that calculation is also OK, in fact, only the East Ning heart of the mind, to replace the refining pharmacists union, from the immortality of this piece of bread Bale. Deeply looked fidget cube shopping at the Eas.the co ordination, when the snow retreated to the side of the Ao, the East Ning Xinye slowly condensed purple eyes, seeing the Emperor who will attack the infuriating strong Oriental Ning Ning, But I do not know why that infuriating in contact with the East Ningxin moment that all disappeared, this feeling is like a real punch in the cotton What s going on That Dili initial master a look at this situation, some of the foot was unstable slip down, which in the end what happened he just issued the attack How all gone However, the master of the war is that the sub second, so that the master of the emperor because the East Ningxu demon pupil by the strange and surprised to show, the snow has been proud of the arrogance of the arrogance of the master in front, without the slightest softness And stay in the hands of the sword straight into the hearts of the emperor who is the master of the Department Sorry, kill you proud of the cold days of snow withdrawn sword, looking at the eyes of the boss who opened the emperor of the master, the mouth is cold smile, pumping out the sword is also dripping with blood Why do you Dili master embarrassed step back, his hands clutching his heart, this is his fidget cube shopping last moment atmosphere, he wanted to ask what this is, how could he fall in a stitch and a Venerable Master This is impossible Why tell you Snow proud smile, turned.

he fidget cube shopping drug will be. The place where we stand is the nearest layer from the ice fire, but as far as I can speculate, we should still be far away from the ice fire, because the atmosphere is not deep here, but further I can not probe. Here Ouyang master a bit discouraged, and this will control the ice is too strict, if not medicine will be more than enough, and in order to maintain the balance of this drug city, they estimate that even the seven are not Will be fidget cube shopping released. The place where they stood was a plain, and there seemed to be no road in front of them, but the fidget cube shopping people believed that this place must have a way to go, because the ice fire in here, but the medicine will be too deep to Tibet. We go to look at the nearby. Oriental Ningxue and snow days proud to look to the Ouyang master, that means very clear that the two men they do not bring, a disease recovery, a weaker and weaker, with only trouble. Well, we have only one hour, an hour later, there will be someone to visit, see the growth of herbs East Ning Xin and snow days proud nodded his head, then move toward the left side of the position, then no road in front of it from the side to go, they do fidget cube shopping not believe that the ice fire this medicine will be able to hide the people can not find A good fast speed Ouyang Ling looked blink of an eye to disappear in front of him in the East Ningxue and snow days proud, can not believe rubbed Completion changed a person, become the same people never forget, is not ugly Jun knows no boundaries, you deliberately When the East through the fidget cube shopping bronze mirror to see their own way, quite silent for the first time even the name of the cried with no surname Jun Jun Jun no boundaries Oh smile and then quickly back, it means that either you withstand this pair of respect to go out or wore his pretty face goes out, in short, let the East Ning their own choice Just as the East had to let him choose to grab the city of Nanjing rainstorm pear needle or to grab the Junfu gentleman sword in general, dilemma but had to make a choice Finally, the East is how the heart out of it To see the East Ningxin a black face will be exposed to know that she eventually chose to withstand ghosting boundless for her to create the respect to go out, no way Hey looked at the East Ningying like ghosting infinite find themselves in a good mood, to stroll Yu Cheng Santo House is not so pressure. Ning Ning heart snappily to the ghosting knows no boundaries a supercilious, and then a few jump to the location of the government away from the jade, ghosting boundless immediately to keep up with You take the lead ghosting knows no boundaries with the East Ning heart lying tens of meters away from the palace a few meters away from the top of a tree waiting for nearly h.up for these sad Oriental Ning heart pretending to be a serious look at the infinite, waiting for the infinite reluctance to remove the rain pear needle. While the side of the son of the Soviet Union had been heard in the boundless words, ready fidget cube shopping to teach Jun endless, but see the next situation, the son of the Soviet Union just smiled, Ning heart has always been a set of personal approach, Otherwise, the killer of the king wu will not be so easy to lay down the hearts of preparedness. While listening to the East said to let the endless rain out of the rain pear needle to see her, the son directly to the Soviet Union shook his head, the East Ning heart really is a full play, the little woman must be reported that the fidget cube shopping hatred of Ma s motto , At this time he really sympathize Jun no boundaries, but he will not say anything, only in the side to watch, as long as the heart does not suffer, which the world who can suffer. Sure enough, such as the son of the Soviet Union thought, knows the wrong thing without boundaries, so when the East Ning Xin made this request, and then reluctantly also arms of the three rainstorm pear needle handed the East Ning Xin, the eyes are infinite Of the dismay. Ooo, this is money can not buy things, good reluctant to die I do not know that a few used, but also can not be fitted with pear needles, but it seems difficult to get this pear needle, they go to refining Yeah East N.

Fidget Cube Shopping situation in front of today, everything he can not be smashed Autumn Miss you say this is not right, all this is my thing Ouyang home, fidget cube pack before you are just my fiancee, not to mention this You Guan We Ouyang home and die, such a thing why should I tell you an outsider Ouyang Ling to laugh at the moderate, but spit it out is extremely embarrassing. Miss Qiu eyes can not believe the light flashing a look of anger to see Ouyang Ling, anxious to eat the Ling to Ouyang, and that out of the soft finally installed can not. Ouyang to Ling, you say I am an outsider Ouyang Ling with the nod Of course, Miss Qiu, I was wrong I am an outsider If I was an outsider then the two people What they are, you actually believe them, so they will not come back to escort the purple Ling Miss Qi Qiu a blush and purple, Pointing to the East Ningxue and snow days proud. Watching one by one with open eyes looking at Miss Ouyang and Ling Qiu, vice president of the autumn you want to come back to fidget cube for adults the daughter back, long sun that the son would also like to go forward to their fidget cube shopping love of women back, but their ideas are Proud of the snow in the eyes of the shot to go back, half of the body in the snow proud of the eyes of oppression sat back Miss Qiu, you have and Ouyang Ling to divorce, you have any qualifications here to ask Ouyang home, Ouyang home has no relationship with your purple Ling, which is the drug city of a.let They knowingly have to go inside the plot to jump In the end is what people behind in the design of all this Ning heart of the eyes in the East is particularly bright in the night, look to the snow proud days have a bit helpless look askance, she seems to fall into a corner, always want to understand. Her enemies only jade city, but she believed that jade city will not have such a big hand Snow proud left arm holding the East Ning heart, slightly tightened, and then shook his head not jade city This snow proud can also be sure, he knew the strength of the city than the imagination more powerful, but the jade city has not the ability to say that the magic flame Valley, has not the ability to hand deep to the drug city. Ning Ning and the heart of the snow again proud of the East Shenzhu Qi, listening to the conversation fidget cube prime only that Murong father and son, did not expect today s dark night listening to the results really is good, they may be able to get a little bit of information. Drug City is the largest wealth of ice fire, but the drug will be its protection too good, that is, we can not find the city where the drug city of seven Dad, you do not understand this, we can not find the where the ice fire because we are not people who will be medicine, that person can find us, fidget cube shopping and perhaps also to find people on the drug, not to mention they help us Get the drug will be the first, not.