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Fidget Cube Toy n snake eyes flashing a small pair of flames, this time it s no greed in the eyes, only discuss. Ice day python a nodded without hesitation I want to have been snow fruit, although red fruit Ye Hao, but after all, and I do not match the property, I do not want to be red fruit to burn Ice with the extremely rich, told the fire python it is quite agreeable to the time to get the snow fruit it will go, but also to remind the fire python do not hit it snow fruit doctrine, that cold is not the fire python bear Fire day Python to hear the ice python said, quite satisfied nodded Of course, I do not want us to fight the fish dead net broken, I get red fruit, the practice of his future success slowly Fire python, although that is the case, but the mind has its own plan, the red fruit it wants, and that it will not let off the snow, fidget cube toy the property does not match how the snow and red fruit at the same time taking is the best Effect Ice day python to hear the fire python, then point the bulky snake head, the hearts of the same name of their small 99, and other partners to take advantage of the fire python when the guy back to a swallow it, red fire this thing python That guy half past one certainly can not digest Two snakes each other to deceive each other in the hands of another name of the idea, and sitting on the tree of the East Ningxue and snow days proud of this scene panoramic view, and.e springs, when they want to remove the snow and red fruit may not be easy, after all, no one in this world or objects can be affected Get the kind of extreme treatment of ice springs Ning Ning and the heart of the snow at this time the East proud to play the idea is waiting for this snipe clam fight, they are good from the fishermen, as a due diligence, they can not flash God, so the two have been tense Look at the situation before Snow fruit and red fruit slowly rose in that water above the ice day python and fire python a pair of eyes blink of a blink of snow looked at the fruit and red fruit, they are waiting for this snow and red fruit Frozen back to the moment they swallow it The snow fidget cube purchase and red fruit is also waiting, they are waiting for this fidget cube toy has been staring at them in the ice and fire python python flash gods, they want to use the ice python and fire days python flash gods fled back to the ice fire, once Into the ice fire spring they are safe Two snakes, two fruit on the so on, the opportunity is a moment, the dark side of the East Ningxue and snow days proud also anxiously waiting, but they dare not easily shot, too early shot, then only for People do a wedding dress Chi Time in this second, the fire python and ice python at the same time forward a head, a long snake letter child stretched out, rushed toward the snow that fruit and red fruit stretched, and at.

low This is the order of the infuriating Emperor who, at this time three elders bluntly playing in the snow proud of the body. Such a heavy blow if not snow day proud to have prepared to fear is dead fidget cube toy here, when the three elders out of the snow when the snow did not hide but proud to meet up, as the three elders want to do is not he Kill the three elders and only need to delay living three elders to fight for some time Ningxin on the line You actually want to upgrade the order Three elders looked at their own back three steps of the snow by proud proud of his face could not believe that this time how much time the main actually have to upgrade the order, the blood of God really So powerful Tough to let snow days proud of one fidget cube toy year time can do people ten years. Back three steps only a small injury fills, but the three elders of the blow did not fall to the snow proud to miss the opportunity to save the Shenandoah, because the East has been in the Shenlan Shenlan before the reaction did not come in the hands of Shenandoah Of the lily toward the face of Selangor to go Chi squeak Lily from Selangor s left and right face at the same time to draw, but when the crowd reacts when a snow feng like face at this time is bloody, and from the corner of the eye to the scar that deep can see the East Ning heart No soft Close combat is not the strength of Shenandoah, because the Shenandoah.eral points behind the light point, I saw a pure white infuriating slowly outflow, sink into ice In the ground, but at this time that the body of Ouyang classic thin ice that also slowly subsided, and only a layer of faint snow frost, snow days proud to look at the situation to know about it, this person should be sober, so hand, next time again. At this point, a quarter of an hour of time is almost, Ouyang Ling standing outside the door looking ask fidget cube toy politely, want to know how the results, while the East is also the heart of the snow and the heart is proud of the hand. Come in Snow proud proud of the cold and dignified voice, as if such a moment the breath of his body down a bit in general, cold people afraid, at least Ouyang Ling was the cold to scare jump. Ouyang Ling gently into the door, first looked at the bed of Ouyang master, see Ouyang master situation greatly improved his face suddenly could not suppress the joy, was very happy. Thank you two. Deep a Zuo Yi, you can see how happy Ouyang Ling, Ouyang master is almost all of the home of Ouyang, he fell almost Ouyang home is gone Do not thank, we can not clean up the body of Ouyang master cold poison, this is only the first time, but also to continue behind Oriental Ningxue see snow days proud did not want to answer the meaning, they took the initiative to take the topic Explain, she felt faint snow seems proud of fidget cube toy Completion changed a person, become the same people never forget, is not ugly Jun knows no boundaries, you deliberately When the East through the bronze mirror to see their own way, quite silent for the first time even the name of the cried with no surname Jun Jun Jun no boundaries Oh smile and then quickly back, it means that either you withstand this pair of respect to go out or wore his pretty face goes out, in short, let the East Ning their own choice Just as the East had to let him choose to grab the city of Nanjing rainstorm pear needle or to grab the Junfu gentleman sword in general, dilemma but had to make a choice fidget cube toy Finally, the East is fidget cube for purchase how the heart out of it To see the East Ningxin a black face fidget cube for sale uk will be fidget cube toy exposed to know that she eventually fidget cube toy chose to withstand ghosting boundless for her to create the respect to go out, no way Hey looked at the East Ningying like ghosting infinite find themselves in a good mood, to stroll Yu Cheng Santo House is not so pressure. Ning Ning heart snappily to the ghosting knows no boundaries a supercilious, and then a few jump to the location of the government away from the jade, ghosting boundless immediately fidget cube toy to keep up with You take the lead ghosting knows no boundaries with the East Ning heart lying tens of meters away from the palace a few meters away from the top of a tree waiting for nearly h.

Fidget Cube Toy this time that the snow fruit And red wine is also a naughty turned escaped the fire python and ice days python attack, fidget cube toy I saw two fruit on the ice in the fire that fidget cube toy quickly drilled to go Escaped the ice and snake python snake python attack, it seems to be pleased with the snow fruit and red fruit, creak soon to jump down, but they are happy too early, they are the worst in the last from the ice fire Half the distance of the hand, the accident happened A silvery white, a red figure two while flying out from the dark, and their fidget cube toy hands were wearing a silver and red gloves, the two volley and jump, bent over a hand Snow fruit fell into the silver gloves, and red fruit into the fire red gloves Creak it is the fruit and fruit red fruit struggling sound, but that dressed in silver and red clothes of the men are ignored, looked at the heart of things to determine the correct after the clenched Ning Ning and the heart of the snow that the East had to fly out of the body suddenly folded back, this time the two, but a sweat, looking at the situation in front of Fortunately, fortunately Fortunately, their action is not fast enough, if this When the fear is to run out as a live target to fight down. Quiet, the East Ningxintian and snow days proud to set a clear, the East Ningxin see their clothes only know that the silver family must be a snow, and the Red is a nearly self enclosed city, the entire Dan City in addition to refining pharmacists union, only four refining pharmacists family clan, outsiders to access this Dan City after Dan Cheng for pharmacists assessment, before entering. Generally speaking, Dan City is a city does not allow outsiders at random, the major families are mostly self sufficient, they maintain the survival of the family by the immortality of the transaction, so when the cloud cleared to the entrance to the city when Dan was Stopped down. Cloud three Miss, Dan City rules, in addition to refining pharmacists other people are not allowed to enter. This stopped them when speaking to the guard, it seems a bit afraid, this fear is not because the East Ning Xin several people s momentum, but because Cloud cleared, as if the cloud is a very scary figure. Yunqing a nodded his head without care, and then facing the human I know, but the refining pharmacists Union also said that people can help people into the city refining medicine right Cloud clear from a smile like a smile, but that smile is full of sly, the guard looked at this smile quietly back three steps, a little afraid of nodded his head Yes, can be accompanied. He was wrong, he should not stop the little witch, but he did not stop so the pedestrian into the city it Good embarrassed ah Then I eleven to accompany them to alchemy room good. Cloud clear from the status of ignor.